After announcing the third pregnancy, MC Poze’s wife is hospitalized

After all the controversy surrounding her pregnancy, Viviane Noronha, wife of MC Poze do Rodo, ended up in the hospital. This Wednesday (25), she received a lot of criticism for being pregnant with the singer’s third child at 17 years old. The influencer went to the beach to distract herself and made a series of stories to explain what she’s been going through.

“If I tell you guys I’m fine, I’m lying. It’s something I don’t show you. I don’t try to show you something I’m not. These days I spent in the hospital, on the day of the news I was in the hospital, because I was sick all day”. The young woman also stated that she is not being able to eat as she should, which is affecting the situation even more.

Viviane made a point of explaining that she is experiencing problems not only on the internet, but in his personal life, however, he did not go into details: “A lot is happening here on the internet, but a lot is happening in my personal life, so guys, be careful with the things you say to your little friend, to people close, even to people you don’t know”.

“Because peace is worth a person’s mental health, you know? And a lot of people don’t know how to deal with it, a lot of people don’t try to know how to deal with it and several things happen that later people come to regret on the internet”, said the young woman while giving a message to those people who post “hate” on the internet without caring what the accused person might feel about it.

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THE MC Poze’s wife revealed that she did not know that the news of the pregnancy would bring all this repercussion, but that she tried to prepare: “I already knew I was [grávida], I didn’t know it would be all that. And I had been preparing myself until this all happened, because I knew the repercussions it would be, because Miguel and Julia were no different”.

“And I didn’t want to go through it all again, because I suffered so much. So I’ve been preparing for this, but it’s been very difficult and we only know when we pass”, she said, recalling that the other two times she became pregnant, she also suffered criticism and accusations for being a mother so young.

After the series of stories explaining how it was with all the repercussions of the third pregnancy, Viviane posted some stories already in a private hospital in Rio de Janeiro, even taking blood for tests. Then the young woman explained in text what was happening to reassure her followers.

“Clarifying here, I came to the doctor because I’m feeling too weak, I had a blood test and a test for covid that comes out in 2/3 days, it will work”, said the influencer in one of the posts. It was after 1 am when she complained about having to wait for the blood test to come out, but then, Viviane went home.

Viviane Noronha posts stories at the hospital (Instagram Reproduction)
Viviane Noronha posts stories at the hospital (Instagram Reproduction)
Viviane Noronha posts stories at the hospital (Instagram Reproduction)
Viviane Noronha posts stories at the hospital (Instagram Reproduction)

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