After giving up on A Fazenda 13, Gabi Martins does feat. with João Gomes

There’s another feat out there. This time, Gabi Martins and João Gomes got together to prepare the release, still without a scheduled date, of a song that, according to the singer, promises to rock. The song was composed by her boyfriend, who is also singer Tierry, and underwent some adaptations made by her.

“The song is very different from others I’ve recorded, it has the same cowboy feel, it tells the story of a passionate cowboy. It’s called Play the Lasso. It’s a composition that Tierry made in 2018 and I made some adaptations, so that women can also sing and fall in love,” explains Gabi to the Leo Dias column.

And he adds: “It’s a very beautiful song and has the feel of a very tasty, very up-to-date, very contemporary lining.”

She even praised the new musical partner. “Joao is an incredible person, a sensational singer, he’s an explosion, a phenomenon, there’s really no way. It was very gratifying to do this work with him”, confesses Gabi.

Spotify’s Top 10

João Gomes now has three songs in the Top 10 of Spotify and for weeks he has been in first place with Meu Pedaço de Pecado. Now, the artist is getting ready for the release of the song Meu Bem, this Friday (8/27), track of the DVD Eu tem a senha, recorded in Fortaleza.

The song will arrive on all audio and video platforms and promises to be another hit for the young singer. With its own composition, Meu Bem tells the story of a love that only needs a moment to happen.

“The audience will identify with this song. Thank God we’re getting pretty good. The DVD is almost complete and playing a lot. In September, we will release the last one we recorded in this audiovisual”, says the artist.