After Sérgio Rodrigues paid off the debt, Al Wahda asked FIFA to close the process involving Denilson; values ​​are revealed

There are 5 games without losing, Cruzeiro continues its journey in Serie B towards the elite of Brazilian football in 2022. And since the arrival of coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo, only good things have happened at Raposa. One of them was the settlement of the debt with Al Wahda, which freed the miners from taking another punishment from FIFA, which would probably demote the Maior de Minas to Serie C of the national tournament.

This Thursday (26), the Arab team informed FIFA that it had received R$ 8 million from the Minas Gerais club (at the current price) from the loan of defensive midfielder Denilson and asked that the process against the celestial club be closed. The value still had interest and contract corrections. The information is from the reporting team of radio Itatiaia.

To get the money imposed by Al Wahda, Cruzeiro resorted to the sale of a property that was valued at 14 million reais, as determined by the reporter Samuel Venâncio. The amount was supposed to be paid initially in May 2020, but as this did not happen, the celestial team ended up losing 6 points in Serie B last year.

Sérgio Rodrigues paid off the debt with Al Wahda. Photo: Gustavo Aleixó/ Cruzeiro

Cruzeiro, in turn, confirmed that it made the payment to the Arab team last Friday (20th). However, Al Wahda only entered FIFA to end the process this Thursday (26). With one less problem for Luxembourg, Fox returns to the field next Sunday (22), when he faces CRB away from home, for the 22nd round of the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie B

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