Alberto Fernández, Argentina, Indicted for Participating in Birthday Party When There were Restrictions | World

In July of last year, Fernández attended a party held by his wife, Fabiola Yanez, at the presidential residence, when there were restrictions on gatherings.

Image by Alberto Fernández, from Argentina, in February 2021 — Photo: Marco Ugarte/AP

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez tests positive for Covid-19

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez tests positive for Covid-19

Recently, photos of the party were leaked. The opposition even asked for Fernández’s impeachment for having participated in an event that, at the time, was prohibited. However, as government leaders dominate the legislature in Argentina, the case does not have much chance of progressing.

On Thursday, Fernández attended a hearing in the case and offered to pay a fine. He proposed donating half of his four-month salary to the Malbrán Institute of research and laboratories.

In addition to Fernández, the first lady and five other people who attended the party were also indicted.

The prosecutor in the case, Ramiro González, ensured that all those who participated in the celebration were notified that they were being investigated for a possible crime. Fernández, who is a lawyer, claims that there was no offense in the case — he went to court without a representative.

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