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Exactly a week after the frustrating elimination at Libertadores, the Fluminense now he also sees himself at risk of disqualification from the Copa do Brasil. Unlike the duels against Barcelona de Guayaquil, Ecuador, in which there was no great favoritism, in front of the starry Atlético-MG, leader of the Brazilian Championship, the Tricolor entered without the weight of responsibility and was like a “sniper”. But Marcão’s men fell into a trap at Nilton Santos Stadium and lost the first game of the quarterfinals 2-1. (see the bids in the video below).

Highlights: Fluminense 1 x 2 Atlético-MG, for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil

Highlights: Fluminense 1 x 2 Atlético-MG, for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil

The obligation to face Galo three days before starting to decide with him a place in the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil had its pros and cons. Due to the delicate situation in Brasileirão, where it is close to the relegation zone, Fluminense could not spare the team to “hide the game” and played with maximum strength in the 1 to 1 in São Januário. If on the one hand that victory that escaped in the final minutes gave the Tricolores hope, on the other hand it gave Cuca weapons for a trap.

In São Januário, Fluminense left the ball with Atlético-MG and played closed, preventing the opponent’s quick transitions and exploiting their mistakes. At Nilton Santos, Rooster changed his posture, backed off his lines and gave way to Tricolor, who tried to propose the game, but without success. Mainly because of the low firepower, the result of the meager offensive performance of their wingers, who help in defense, but failed in conceded goals: in the first, Lucca abandoned the mark midway through the play and left Vargas free to cross; and in the second, Luiz Henrique lost the ball in the attack and set up the fatal counterattack with Hulk.

Fluminense gave field and space for Atlético-MG to play in his mistakes — Photo: André Durão

Atlético-MG ended up having control of the game for most of the 90 minutes, built seven chances of goal and wasted the opportunity even to forward its classification. Fluminense, on the other hand, when scared, was almost always on set pieces. Of the four chances created by Tricolor, one was charged by Lucca for a header by Nino; another was in a corner where Fred headed the crossbar; and there was also the goal, which came with a penalty kick by the shirt 9. The only opportunity with “the ball rolling” was in André’s play at the end, which ended in Nenê’s blocked kick..

Scout – Fluminense x Atlético-MG

Ball possession52%48%
Goal chances47
right passes476443
wrong passes6761

Even without putting it on the scale Eduardo Sasha’s penalty on Nino in the final minutes, in a move that could have changed the result to 2-2, but was ignored by the VAR, in a general balance, Marcão’s team showed signs of evolution in the two games against the mighty Atlético-MG. But to seek a miracle in the return match at Mineirão, at 7 pm (GMT) on September 15, Fluminense will have to improve its attacking sector especially. Also because, with the advantage of any draw, Galo will certainly not expose himself and will play Tricolor’s mistake to define the confrontation.

Fluminense practically only took danger from set pieces — Photo: Lucas Merçon / Fluminense FC

Until then, Marcão will have a sequence of four matches (against Bahia, Juventude, Chapecoense and São Paulo), with three at home, to test options, look for variations and fit the best formation. The coach will probably have Caio Paulista in the coming days, who has recovered from a serious injury to his right thigh. There is also the Colombian Jhon Arias, who made a very timid debut, but has already shown at Libertadores that he has potential; Nonato has been doing well, while André has firmly established himself and can no longer leave the team; etc… In any case, Fluminense will need to be at the “tip of the pieces” until the 15th to reverse the disadvantage and achieve the unlikely classification.

The players re-present themselves at CT Carlos Castilho this Friday afternoon, when Marcão will start preparing for next Monday’s match against Bahia, at 7 pm (GMT) at Maracanã, for the 18th round of the Brazilian Championship. In 16th place in the table with 18 points, just two ahead of Grêmio, first inside the Z-4, Fluminense has to focus on Serie A, to get out of this uncomfortable situation, and for now “forget” the dream of the two-time championship. of the Brazil Cup.

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