Andressa Urach’s husband says Instagram removed post about son wearing ‘boy blue’

‘If I said that my son would wear pink, it would increase the visibility of my publication,’ complained Thiago Lopes

Reproduction/Instagram/tnlopes10/26.08.2021Thiago Lopes, husband of Andressa Urach, had a post about the baby’s sex removed from Instagram

married to the model Andressa Urach, Thiago Lopes made an Instagram post revealing that his wife is pregnant with a boy, but the post was soon removed by the social network. Thiago made a new post exposing a print of the message he received from Instagram: “Your post goes against our Community Guidelines on harassment and bullying. We have our guidelines because we want our community to feel respected and safe.” According to Andressa’s husband, the publication was taken off the air because of a comment he made in the post’s caption.

“Instagram removed my post because I put it in the caption that my son will wear boy blue. If I said that my son would wear pink, Instagram would increase the visibility of my post. Good thing I don’t need to be anyone’s hostage. Neither TV nor social network”, wrote Thiago. He reposted the test result that revealed the baby’s sex, but this time he wrote: “The fetal sexing test result came out! We are going to have a boy (XY). I am very happy. We accept name suggestions”. Andressa commented on her husband’s publication: “I love you, my love! Happy Birthday to us. We’re going to have another little boy to bring even more joy to our family”. THE Young pan has tried to contact Instagram’s press office, but has not yet received any feedback.