Anticipation of the 2nd dose of Pfizer starts this 5th in the DF. Check locations and rules

Those who should receive the 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 by September 3 can anticipate the end of the immunization cycle from this Thursday (26/8). The strategy of streamlining the application of the two doses has been used by the Federal District Government (GDF) with Astrazeneca.

The Health Department disclosed the places where the application of the second dose of each of the immunizing agents takes place. There are 20 points for those who advance the Pfizer vaccine and 53 for those who would be vaccinated with Astrazeneca until August 31st.

Check out the locations:

The vaccination of 17-year-olds, in addition to pregnant and postpartum women from this age, continues on this farm in exclusive locations.


People over 18 years old who have not yet taken the first dose can start immunization at the following points:

During the week, the chief secretary of the Civil House, Gustavo Rocha, explained that the novelty is possible thanks to the arrival of new doses.

“They asked me why the Pfizer vaccination was not starting, why there still weren’t enough doses to make the anticipation. With the arrival of these new doses, it will be possible, from this Thursday, to anticipate the second dose for those who have D2 scheduled until 3 September. So, whoever has a vaccine scheduled until September 3rd can look for the anticipation as of 8/26, on Thursday”, he said.

According to the member of the Palácio do Buriti, until then, only the vaccine manufactured by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FioCruz) was allowed to anticipate doses.

“Maintaining the anticipation of AstraZeneca, which was already being made, but it was a constant request from people seeking to anticipate the second dose of Pfizer. So, everything we can do to make it easier and simpler, we look for. This anticipation is another form of incentive for people to seek immunization with two doses. Only with this we will have the immunization cycle fully completed and will be able to move forward in the return to normality in the best possible way and as quickly as possible”, he explained.