Atlético-MG reduces request, closes deal with Maicon Bolt and will pay R$ 7.5 million to the athlete | athletic-mg

Atlético-MG and forward Maicon Bolt closed an agreement after a long process in court. The club reduced the player’s initial order by BRL 13.5 million (Bolt charged BRL 21 million) and will pay BRL 7.5 million, in 35 installments. The parties met this week and reached an agreement, which was celebrated by both sides.

Atlético released a note in which it explains that “the agreed amount is significantly lower than the athlete’s request and also about 50% of the conviction of more than 14 million reais to which the Club was submitted, in the first instance”.

– Considering the inherent risks of the process in the arbitration court and according to parameters already known in the Labor Court, the agreement proved to be advantageous – highlighted the Rooster, in a note.

Maicon Bolt, striker without a club since leaving Atlético in February 2020 — Photo: Bruno Cantini/Atlético-MG

The athlete’s lawyer, Filipe Rino, was also satisfied with the agreement. According to him, the amount to be paid is net and was close to what was expected by the defense.

– The agreement was greatly celebrated by us, as it was exactly what we wanted from the beginning. It was an exceptional deal for Maicon, which will receive R$ 7.5 million net, with all taxes paid by the club. He will not need to pay 27.5% of Income Tax and 11% of INSS. The gross amount he earned in the first instance was R$ 14 million, which was something around R$ 9 million net. So it is within what we expected – explained the lawyer.

– They presented a proposal of R$ 7.5 million, already free of 27.5% of income tax and 11% of INSS, of procedural expenses. Making a calculation, it is very close to the R$14 million that we had earned in the first instance, because the R$14 million would have a deduction of 27.5% of income tax and 11% of INSS. So, Atlético will pay these R$ 7.5 million and keep the labor charges. It was exactly what we wanted from the beginning of the process. In general terms, it is as if the agreement were for R$ 12 million.

Thiago Rino, Sergio Coelho and Filipe Rino — Photo: Disclosure

Maicon Bolt sued Atlético in the Labor Court in February, after receiving a letter of dismissal from the club. The player, in Rooster’s view, had a contract until December 2020. But, in the athlete’s understanding, the contract would last until December 2021. Bolt’s orders were around R$21 million.

In a lower court decision, the 1st degree judge gave a sentence in which Atlético was sentenced to pay R$14,205,814.76 to the player. The two parties appealed to review the decision. After that, the labor lawsuit of Maicon Bolt against Atlético-MG was declared extinguished by the Fifth Panel of the Regional Labor Court of Minas Gerais.

According to Filipe Rino, Atlético sought the player to enter into an agreement in June this year. The club alvinegro highlights that the board has sought to complete the legal disputes.