Attacks kill at least 60 at Kabul airport; 12 dead were US military

People injured outside Kabul airport

Credit, Reuters

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Injured people around Kabul airport; intelligence indicated that explosions could be ‘imminent’

Two bombings were reported on Thursday (8/26) at Kabul airport, which has become the most visible site in the drama of Afghans and foreigners trying to flee the country after the Taliban’s return to power. At least 60 people died — 12 of them were US military, according to the Pentagon — and another 140 were injured, a senior health official told the BBC.

The explosions took place in the vicinity of the so-called Abbey Gate, a space that was occupied by British and American troops and which now houses people trying to board flights out of the country, and in a hotel nearby.

At a Pentagon press conference, US General Kenneth McKenzie said the two suicide bombers were “ISIS fighters.” “The attack on Abbey Gate was followed by several armed men who opened fire on civilians and military forces,” he said.

Asked how the airport bombers managed to approach US forces, McKenzie said there was “clearly a failure” by Taleban forces at the checkpoints for people arriving from outside the airport. He said the United States will “try to improve all the measures taken as we go forward.”