Baby is born on a plane that evacuated Afghans and mother gives him the name of the flight

Image: Air Mobility Command

Amidst the chaos of sad news that we have seen in recent days since the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, a happy event took place aboard one of the planes that are promoting the evacuation of citizens seeking to flee the country.

Second reported the United States Air Mobility Command, a baby was born aboard a large US Air Force Boeing C-17 Globemaster military aircraft last Saturday, August 21, when he was transporting a group of people who had been evacuated to Qatar and then flew to the Germany.

The Command describes that, during the flight, the mother went into labor and began to have complications in the process. Faced with the problem, the aircraft commander decided to lower the C-17 to a lower altitude, increasing the air pressure in the aircraft, which helped to stabilize and save the mother’s life.

Moments after landing at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, aviators from the 86th Medical Group, one of them a nurse, climbed aboard and helped the child into the world in the aircraft’s cargo hold. The girl and mother were transported to a nearby medical center in good health.

Image: Air Mobility Command

The radio call sign for the flight in question was “Reach 828”. According to CNN, at a press conference with reporters at the Pentagon, Tod Wolters, commander of the US European Command and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, commented:

“We had conversations with the baby’s mother and father. They called the girl Reach. And they did it because the call sign for the C-17 aircraft that took them from Qatar to Ramstein was Reach.”

Also according to CNN, nurse Erin Brymer, who helped give birth to Reach, said she “expected the worst, praying for the best.” “When I evaluated the patient, there was no going back. That baby was about to be born before we could transfer her to another unit”.

Finally, when the baby was born crying and it was possible to put her directly on her mother’s chest, and she started to breastfeed right away, Erin finally calmed down: “There finally I was like, ‘Okay, now we’re right here.'”

The pilot even erroneously announced on board that the baby was a boy, and Erin said she corrected him. “I mean, it’s a girl!”, ratified the pilot.