Bankrupt! First manufacturer to use Ubuntu on smartphones closes official website

As much as it tried to fight the Android and iOS duopoly, the manufacturer Spanish Bq declared bankruptcy after exiting the smartphone market. For those who don’t remember, this company was the first in the world to bet on the Ubuntu Mobile operating system.

This week, the manufacturer’s official website also went down, and its passage through the smartphone segment was relatively short.

Spanish Bq made phones and tablets with Android, but decided to partner with Canonical to develop Ubuntu Mobile. The first fruit of this union was the Aquarius E4.5, which sold for approximately US$185 (~R$966).

With a 4.5-inch screen, a 1.3GHz MediaTek processor and only 1GB of RAM, the Aquarius E4.5 was successful in some markets and caused Amazon, eBay, Spotify and other companies to launch apps for Ubuntu Mobile.

However, things went sour in 2017 and Canonical decided to officially shut down the software, something that practically killed Spanish Bq. That’s because, unlike Meizu, which also bet on Ubuntu and continued with Android, Bq did not repeat the competitor’s strategy.

Remember that Ubuntu died at the same time that Windows Phone was already with a “foot in the grave”. This only shows that it is very difficult to have a third player in the smartphone market, but there are those who still try in 2021.

Do you believe that there is still a chance that some manufacturer will be able to get away from Android? Let us know your opinion here in the comments.