Bethesda presents three new scenarios

Bethesda released, this Thursday (26), three unpublished videos of Starfield, in which three regions of the game were presented: Akila, Neon and New Atlantis. The previews mix gameplay footage with developers’ speeches, in which we can get an idea of ​​what landscapes to expect in the new adventure.

As published by, Akila is described as the capital of Starfield and serves as the home of a group known as the Freestar Collective. This city is inhabited by people from different places and has a large wall that serves as a wall. The reason for this protection would be the existence of monsters in the outer territories.

Neon will be a unique city located on an aquatic planet. This territory sits on top of a fishing platform rather than being built on a more solid foundation. There, there is a drug called Aurora, considered the most popular in this universe. People from different corners of the galaxy come to the city of Neon just to feel the psychedelic effects of Aurora.

New Atlantis is a spaceport that serves as the capital of a group known as the United Colonies, regarded as the most powerful nation in the world of Starfield. This will likely also be Starfield’s biggest territory, with the promise of being the main point that reflects what awaits players.

Starfield will be released on November 11, 2022 for Xbox Series and PC. For more about the game, check out why the game is being considered by Todd Howard as Skyrim in space. We don’t know if that will actually be the case, but the promise is, to say the least, bold.