Beyoncé is irritated to discover slave story related to the millionaire diamond she used, says newspaper

Last week, the singer Beyonce she became the first black woman to wear the yellow diamond from American jewelry Tiffany&Co and the fourth in the world to have it around her neck, posing next to her husband, rapper Jay-Z. The campaign was identified as an important event by black personalities around the world. The jewel has 128 carats and is valued at 30 million dollars, the equivalent of approximately 160 million reais.

However, now she would be angry and disappointed for having received criticism on the internet and discovered a story of Africans working in precarious conditions and slavery-like regimes related to this gem, according to the British newspaper The Sun. A singer, she is also known for her engagement in social causes around the world, which inspires many of her fans.

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According to a source in the British periodical, she was feeling cheated for not having been informed of this story, which made the jewel be called “Blood Diamond”.

“Beyonce is aware of the criticism and is disappointed and angry that she has not been informed of questions about her story. She thought all the details had been looked into, but now she has realized that the diamond itself has been forgotten,” the source told newspaper.

As part of the agreement with the singer, Tiffany has promised to donate $2 million, the equivalent of more than 10 million reais, to universities for scholarships for black students.

This diamond would have been excavated in 1877 in the Beers’ Kimberly mine, in South Africa still colonial. The mining would have been done by black labor that worked in precarious conditions and was underpaid, in addition to the miners being forced to work at high speed, causing fatal accidents many times. Also according to the publication, between 1897 and 1899, 1,144 workers died from diseases caused by living in houses without natural water and basic sanitation.

The jeweler’s founder, Charles Tiffany, would then have bought the jewel in 1879.

“How many of you social conscience activists own your own diamonds? Did you check where he was? Probably not,” replied Tina Knowles, the singer’s mother, on social media.

Before Beyoncé, the only people who had worn the jewelry were socialite Mary Whitehouse in 1957, Belgian actress Audrey Hepburn in 1961, and singer Lady Gaga at the 2019 Oscar ceremony.

Singer Lady Gaga with the 2019 Oscar Diamond
Singer Lady Gaga with the 2019 Oscar Diamond Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Belgian actress Audrey Hepburn
Belgian actress Audrey Hepburn