Bolsonaro on inflation: “I can’t solve it alone, it goes through governors”

President Jair Bolsonaro in speech (Photo: Isac Nóbrega/PR)

President Jair Bolsonaro once again evaluated that the Brazilian economy “is recovering”, but the recovery, according to him, “will not be as fast as many want”. Faced with high inflation in the country, the head of the Executive said that there was a solution, but added: “I can’t solve it alone, it’s going to go through the governors.”

“We are seeing inflation, yes, around 7%, when you say 7% it is global inflation. Of course, food is way above that, this is worrying. Even though food inflation has come all over the world, the whole world is suffering. We look at the question of cooking gas, 130 reais for a 13-kilo bottle. We have a way out of this, but it goes through the governors, as well as the fuel issue as well. Fuel is expensive, it exceeded 6 reais. At the refinery it costs 1 liter of gasoline 2 reais. Do we have an alternative? We have. But I alone cannot resolve this issue. It goes through the understanding of the governors”, said Bolsonaro to Pernambuco Newspaper Radio this Thursday (26).

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Bolsonaro listed government measures, according to him, to curb formal unemployment and “assist the most needy people”, such as offering emergency aid. In the wake of criticism of state managers, the head of the Executive held the governors responsible for the crisis in the country due to the ‘stay at home’ policy.

In the interview, the president highlighted, in addition to high food prices, the current hydrological crisis in the country. “We have sad news, but we have to unite and face these challenges.”