Bolsonaro says inflation passes through governors and ‘can’t solve it alone’ | Economy

President blames the closing of trade for the rise in prices
Edu Andrade/ME

President blames the closing of trade for the rise in prices

President Jair Bolsonaro said that the blame for inflation approaching the double-digit mark “passed by governors”, and that he could not solve it on his own. The complaint was in an interview with Jornal Pernambuco radio this Thursday (26).

“We are seeing inflation, yes, at around 7%, when you say 7% is global inflation. Of course, food prices are much higher than that, this is worrying. Although inflation with regard to food came to the whole world , the whole world is suffering. We see the question of cooking gas, 130 reais for a 13-kilo bottle. We have a way out for that, but it goes through the governors, as well as the fuel issue as well. Fuel is expensive, it surpassed 6 At the refinery, it costs 1 liter of gasoline 2 reais. Do we have an alternative? We do. But I, alone, cannot resolve this matter.

Inflation, in fact, has already surpassed 9%, according to data from the IPCA-15 released yesterday by the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics). For Bolsonaro, this value is to blame for the closing of commerce promoted by governors and mayors, which he called a “stay-at-home policy”.

In the interview, the president highlighted, in addition to high food prices, the current hydrological crisis experienced in the country, but said that the “economy is recovering”. “We have sad news, but we have to come together and face these challenges.”