Bolsonaro’s son and ex-wife move to a R$ 3.2 million mansion – Politics

Ana Cristina and Jair Renan's house is located on Lake Sul in Bras
Ana Cristina and Jair Renan’s house is located on Lago Sul in Brasilia, one of the most valued addresses in the capital. (photo: Eduardo Milito/UOL/Reproduction)

Renan Bolsonaro, son ’04’ of the president Jair Bolsonaro (no party), and your mother, Anna Cristina Vale, moved to a meek located in south lake, one of the most noble areas in Brasilia.

The property is valued at R$ 3.2 million. Before, the two lived in an apartment registered in the name of the Chief Executive, covering 70 square meters. The information is from columnist Juliana Dal Piva, from UOL.

In addition to a privileged view of the JK bridge, one of the postcards of the Federal District, the sale announcement informs that the new home of the president’s son and ex-wife has four suites, all with closet, marble stairs, suite large master with about 100 m², garden, swimming pool and even fitness space.

According to the report, they they rented It is the house of broker Geraldo Antnio Machado, owner of the property that was acquired for R$2.9 million, according to the deed. He said that the purchase it was held days before the family moved. “I bought the house exactly to move into the house. There was a little problem in selling my house here. I ended up having to rent it,” he reported.

Twice, he told the column that he is the actual owner of the house in Lago Sul. The mansion is the only property registered in his name in the Federal District. Machado stated that he has other assets, but no deeds.

The house’s rent is estimated at around R$ 15 thousand per month. However, Anna Cristina, who currently works as parliamentary advisor to the federal deputy Celina Leo (PP-DF), receives a net salary of R$ 6,200.

The move to the mansion opens yet another chapter linking the Bolsonaro family with high-value real estate. Last March, the senator Flvio Bolsonaro bought tame in Lago Sul valued at R$ 6 million. The luxury property is located in Setor de Manses Dom Bosco, on Lake Parano, in Brasilia, another upscale neighborhood in the capital.

The house rented by Anna Cristina and Renan was financed in the same bank used by Flvio, Banco de Braslia (BRB).