Brazil registers lowest moving average of deaths per Covid in the year: 696 victims per day | Coronavirus

Brazil registered 875 deaths by Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, totaling this Thursday (26) 577,605 deaths since the start of the pandemic. With that, the moving average of deaths in the last 7 days was 696the smallest recorded in 2021 so far. Before, the lowest average for the year was January 3 (698). Compared to the average of 14 days ago, the variation was -20% and points out the trend of fall.

The moving average of cases, at 25,904 per day, it again reached the lowest level seen in more than nine months (see details below).

The numbers are in the new survey of the consortium of press vehicles on the situation of the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil, consolidated at 20:00 this Wednesday. The balance is based on data from the state departments of Health.

Evolution of the moving average of deaths by Covid in Brazil in the last 14 days. The percentage variation takes into account the numbers at both ends of the period — Photo: Editoria de Arte/G1

See the sequence of the last week in the moving average:

  • Friday (20): 821
  • Saturday (21): 773
  • Sunday (22): 765
  • Monday (23): 766
  • Tuesday (24): 730
  • Wednesday (25): 718
  • Thursday (26): 696

On July 31, Brazil again recorded a moving average of deaths below 1,000, after a period of 191 consecutive days with higher values. From March 17th to May 10th, there were 55 days in a row with this moving average above 2,000. At the worst moment of this period, the average reached a record 3,125, on April 12th.

Three states and the Federal District show an upward trend in deaths: RJ, DF, AC and SE.

Three states reported no new deaths within 24 hours: AC, AP and GO. At the Acre, the rounded moving average has ranged between 0 and 1 for 30 days. Due to the low daily number of deaths, the slight upward change over the past week (compared to the 14-day average ago) has put the state on an uptrend.

In confirmed cases, since the beginning of the pandemic 20,675,343 Brazilians have had or have the new coronavirus, with 30,288 of those confirmed on the last day. The moving average in the last 7 days was 25,904 diagnoses per day, the smallest since november 13 (when it was at 25,599), resulting in a variation of -13% in relation to the cases registered on average two weeks ago, which indicates stability.

At its worst, the moving average curve reached the mark of 77,295 new daily cases, on June 23 this year.

  • Total deaths: 577,605
  • Record of deaths within 24 hours: 875
  • Average of new deaths in the last 7 days: 696 per day (14-day variation: -20%)
  • Total confirmed cases: 20,675,343
  • Registration of confirmed cases within 24 hours: 30,288
  • Average of new cases in the last 7 days: 25,904 per day (variation in 14 days: -13%)
  • On the rise (only 3 states and the Federal District): RJ, DF, AC and SE
  • In stability (4 states): RS, SC, MS and PA
  • Falling (19 states): PR, ES, MG, SP, GO, MT, AM, AP, RO, RR, TO, AL, BA, CE, MA, PB, PE, PI and RN

This comparison takes into account the average of deaths in the last 7 days until the publication of this balance in relation to the average registered two weeks ago (understand the criteria used by the G1 to analyze pandemic trends).

It is noteworthy that there are states in which the low average number of deaths can lead to large percentage variations. Moving average data is generally in decimal numbers and rounded to facilitate the presentation of the data.

More than 60% of Brazilians are partially immunized, that is, they took the first dose of vaccines against Covid. The data, also gathered by the consortium of press vehicles, show that 127,098,222 doses were applied, which corresponds to 60.02%

Those who are fully immunized, that is, who took both doses or a single dose of vaccines, are 58,646,314 people, which corresponds to 27.70% of the population.

Adding the first, the second and the single dose, there are 185,744,536 doses applied in the country.

See the situation in the states

States with rising deaths — Photo: Editoria de Arte/G1

States with deaths in stability — Photo: Editoria de Arte/G1

States with falling deaths — Photo: Editoria de Arte/G1

  • ES: -21%
  • MG: -29%
  • RJ: +17%
  • SP: -29%
  • DF: +18%
  • GO: -43%
  • MS: -2%
  • MT: -19%
  • AC: +67%
  • AM: -48%
  • AP: -50%
  • PA: +7%
  • RO: -30%
  • RR: -63%
  • TO: -28%
  • AL: -16%
  • BA: -35%
  • EC: -39%
  • MA: -26%
  • PB: -24%
  • PE: -33%
  • PI: -34%
  • RN: -34%
  • SE: +43%

Consortium of press vehicles

Data on coronavirus cases and deaths in Brazil were obtained after an unprecedented partnership between G1, O Globo, Extra, O Estado de S.Paulo, Folha de S.Paulo and UOL, who have been working collaboratively since June 8 to gather the necessary information in the 26 states and the Federal District (learn more most).

Covid numbers in Brazil — Photo: Editoria de Arte/G1