Brumadinho: ‘Moment of emotion’, says major who helped find the 261st identified body in the tragedy at Vale | Minas Gerais

For 21 years in the Fire Department, Major Rafael Cosendey participates in the search for the victims of the tragedy at Vale from day one. Last Tuesday (24th), when Juliana Resende’s body was found, he was the one in charge of the Brumadinho operation.

“There are more than 940 days of operation and we have not discredited it at any time and we continue to continue steadfastly, in favor of this mission,” he said.

Juliana Creizimar de Resende Silva, when she was still pregnant with the twins. She died a few months after they were born, in the tragedy of Vale — Photo: Reproduction

The deputy commander of the Environmental Emergency and Disaster Response Battalion (Bemad) says that, this Wednesday (25), Juliana’s family was in the search area when she was informed on the identification of the administrative analyst.

“They were there yesterday [quarta-feira] for a technical visit. We were asked to take them to the location area and soon after came the news of the confirmation. (…) Moment of great emotion”, he said.

Juliana was married to Dennis Silva, who also lost his life in the disaster. The couple left twins, who were only ten months old at the time of the breakup. Today, they live under the care of their grandparents and aunt. The family is one of the symbols of the tireless struggle for all victims to be located. So far, 261 people have been identified, but nine are still missing.

For the major, the meeting of the body of another of the 270 victims, whom he calls jewels, can be represented by the feeling of relief.

“We are more relieved to be able to relieve, even a little the family, to be able to end the mourning process and say goodbye,” he said.

Major Rafael Cosendey was in charge of the operation when Juliana Resende’s body was found — Photo: Fire Department/Publishing

2.5 thousand people in search jobs

According to the official, currently about 40 firefighters work in the search, but, daily, the operation involves about 2.5 thousand people.

“I emphasize that emotion is endowed with a macro aspect, in the sense that all people who work in an integrated manner today feel the emotion of making this rescue”, he said.

Juliana was found in an area known as Remanso 1, which is in the final stages of inspection, and the state of conservation of the body was an aspect that caught the attention of the military. According to the major, the meeting of segments has been constant and even a location was made this Wednesday.

He says that, currently, the operation is in the seventh phase, and the expectation is that the eighth search strategy will be implemented next month, aiming at optimizing the work.

And it reinforces the corporation’s commitment to continue searching for the missing until all are located or until there is no longer technical feasibility.

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