Caged: Brazil creates 316,000 formal jobs in July

Brazil registered a balance of 316,580 new workers hired with a formal contract in July 2021. The balance is the result of a total of 1,656,182 admissions and 1,339,602 dismissals. According to the General Register of Employed and Unemployed Persons (Novo Caged) released today (26) by the Ministry of Labor, the average salary on admission fell 1.25% compared to the previous month, reaching R$1,801.99 .

In the accumulated result for the year, the country registers a balance of 1,848,304 jobs, resulting from 11,255,025 admissions and 9,406,721 dismissals. The national stock of formal jobs, which is the total amount of active employment contracts, relative to July, was 41,211,272 jobs, which represents a variation of 0.77% in relation to the stock of the previous month.

Regions and States

The Southeast Region was the one that generated the most jobs. The positive balance was 161,951 vacancies, which corresponds to an increase of 0.77% compared to June. In the Northeast, 54,456 jobs were created (+0.83%); in the South Region, the balance was also positive (42,639 posts, +0.55%), as in the Midwest (+35,216 posts, +1.01%) and in the North (+22,417 posts, +1.18%) .

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São Paulo was the state that registered the highest positive balance, with 104,899 new jobs (+0.82% compared to June), followed by Minas Gerais (+34,333 jobs; +0.79%); and Rio de Janeiro: (+18,773 posts; +0.58%).

The federative units with the lowest balance were Acre (806 new jobs; growth of 0.90% compared to the previous month); Amapá (balance of 794 posts; +1.17%); and Roraima: (balance of 332 jobs; growth of 0.55%).

Average Admission Salary

The average admission salary in July 2021 (R$1,801.99) presents a real decrease of R$22.72 compared to June 2021. The variation corresponds to a percentage of -1.25%.

In the manufacturing industry, the drop in the average admission value (-1.69%) resulted in a starting salary of R$ 1,767.15. In the construction sector, the drop (-0.65%) made the average starting salary registered at R$ 1,848.81. The drop in the average admission salary in the services sector was -1.49%. With this, the average starting salary for the sector is R$1,965.68.