Camaquã’s HNSA can close urgent, emergency and maternity care

Through a note published this Wednesday (25), the Hospital Nossa Senhora Aparecida (HNSA) in Camaquã clarified the negative impacts that the institution may have with the implementation of the WATCH Program, presented by Governor Eduardo Leite in early August.

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The proposal was instituted by the State government through Decree No. 56.015, and aims to qualify secondary and tertiary health care in hospitals with a contract to provide services in the SUS.

According to the direction of the HNSA, the program can reduce the institution’s current budget by 60%. In figures, this represents a deficit of R$ 926,871.67 per month in the hospital’s revenue. The decrease in the budget would impact urgent, emergency and maternity care.

O HNSA it is a reference hospital in the region, serving nine municipalities. Besides Camaquã, patients are received from Tapes, Sentinel do Sul, Arambaré, Cerro Grande do Sul, Dom Feliciano, Chuvisca, Mariana Pimentel and Sertão Santana. The institution’s management expressed concern about the incalculable damage to public health care in the city and region if the proposal goes ahead.

Notification of the change of resources allocated to the HNSA took place on August 10th. According to the program, the budget cuts will occur gradually and start from September. The institution claims that it sent a response to the State, considering the history of the productions presented and still awaiting a response. The board also stressed that it is in contact with political and health leaders from Camaquã and region to try to reverse the measurement.

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