Camila Queiroz is frightened by the public’s reaction after Secret Truths

Camila Queiroz said she was frightened by the public's reaction because of Secret Truths (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Camila Queiroz said she was frightened by the public’s reaction because of Secret Truths (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Protagonist of secret truths, Camila Queiroz opened the game about the recordings and the backstage of the 2015 plot. Angel’s interpreter also said that got scared by the reaction of the audience at the time of the soap opera.

“[Me abordavam] Very. Very much. And at the same time I loved all this reaction and affection with my work, it scared me, because I never imagined that one day this could happen and that suddenly so many people would be interested in knowing about me or my work. But that just shows how well the audience received the story and the character and I have a lot of gratitude for that.”, reported the actress.

Camila spoke about the memories of the recordings. “I remember everything, every detail. Because it was my first job as an actress, I wanted to absorb everything and really enjoy every moment I lived. One thing that was dominant behind the scenes was the intimacy and closeness of the cast. We built a very good relationship and that made our backstage light and full of love”, detailed.

Camila Queiroz and the Secret Truths challenge

She considered that the entire soap opera was her main challenge.. “All the work. From start to finish. Angel is a challenging character. It has many nuances and layers. I believe that every actor dreams of complex characters that demand more from us. I love challenges, they make work more stimulating for me”, he said.

Camila revealed that she intends to review the soap opera in the rerun on Globo. “Yes, I do, I am passionate about this project and it will be the first time I will see it after 2015. This time I intend to be able to watch everything. I’ve always been very self-critical, but I’ve been trying more and more to have empathy and compassion for myself. and understand that I did the best that could be done at that time”, commented.

The actress also recalled the behind-the-scenes recording of Secret Truths. “We were all very united and we all wanted the project to be a success, so each one did their best and we vibrated together with the success and acceptance of the public. A curious fact is that the first Angel show took five days to be recorded in total. Backstage and catwalk. In three different locations. A real show!”, exalted.

Debut in soap operas

In her first role on TV, Camila Queiroz told what it was like to star opposite veteran actors. “I was lucky and privileged to have them by my side. they reached out to me. They were my support, school. I learned so much. I am very grateful for each one and for everything they taught me”, she pointed out.

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