Carlos Zarlenga, president of GM in South America, leaves office by surprise

The national automobile market was taken by surprise at the end of this Wednesday, 25th, by the abrupt departure of Carlos Zarlenga of General Motors. The Argentine executive held the position of president of the automaker in South America since April 2019, temporarily assumed by the financial director Roberto Martin.

According to the assembler, Zarlenga left the company because he wanted to “search for other opportunities”. The announcement, however, differs from other successions, which are usually planned well in advance.

The 48-year-old Argentine’s departure is surprising because his management has been highly praised, despite the recent problems with lack of components, which affected Chevrolet’s sales in a very serious way.

Still, the former president had announced important releases such as new pickup Montana, Besides four products planned for 2021.

“Carlos has been a driving force for change, not just in our business, but in the auto industry in South America. Under his leadership, GM is making a historic investment to supply global vehicles and build on more than 100 years of success. of Chevrolet in the region,” said GM International President Steve Kiefer.

Kleber Silva's projection for the new generation of Chevrolet Montana
Kleber Silva’s projection for the new generation of Chevrolet Montana: new plans announced by Zarlenga
Image: Kleber Silva/KDesign AG

The executive was about to complete 10 years at GM, hired in 2012 to be the company’s financial director in South Korea. In 2013 he was transferred to South America as CFO and three years later took over the presidency of the automaker in Brazil amid to the economic crisis.

In 2017, Zarlenga began to respond as president of the region, which includes Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, in addition to Brazil.

His professional career has another stint at a “General”, but at General Electric, where he remained for 15 years.