Casagrande gets emotional when talking about drug addiction

Walter Casagrande Jr., commentator for Rede Globo, spoke about drug addiction this evening in a participation in GloboNews’ “Converse with other ideas”. Very emotional, the former player recalled moments of his battle against drugs.

In a report at the virtual meeting, Casão said that it took him a long time to admit the addiction and that he even stopped paying the rehabilitation clinic to abandon the treatment.

“I found myself inside a clinic, I woke up weighing 71 kilos, my whole body riddled with injecting drug bites, full of boils because my body was bursting with impurity… I had totally lost control of my life, it was the drug that I chose for me,” began the former player.

“Chemical dependence is a very crazy thing, it is not noticeable for the guy who is using it. I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw myself normal. Nothing was happening to me. When I was hospitalized, I started the treatment, I was four months of reluctance,” he said at another time.

“In my head, still very sick, I thought: ‘I’m going to stop paying for the clinic and they’re going to put me out’. Then I stopped paying. One month, two months… I remember very well that the psychologist Tiago he called me into another room and asked, ‘Do you think it’s worth it for you to go back to the life that brought you here or do you think you deserve to give treatment a chance?’ I went back to the living room and burst into tears,” he added.

The drug froze me for a long time. I didn’t feel anger, I didn’t feel love… I didn’t feel anything.

Casagrande says that it was from this episode that he began to understand his drug problem. The former player spent a year in the rehabilitation clinic.

“That was very strong for me. Drug addiction was the tip of the iceberg. The drug was a certain escape, to deaden what you don’t want to feel. I started to develop an internal knowledge, it was necessary. Today, I learned all my limitations and I managed to replace the biggest addiction that the addict has, that the peak of pleasure that the drug gives”, he declared.

“(…) it’s a very difficult road… I didn’t realize I was a drug addict, they told me [que eu era dependente].”

In addition to Casagrande, the virtual meeting included actress Letícia Colin and doctor Arthur Guerra. The conversation was mediated by journalist Aline Midlej.