Cash paid for those born in August; see full calendar

Also today, the participants of Bolsa Família with Social Registration Number (NIS) of end 8 receive the fifth installment of emergency aid

Informal workers born in August receive this Friday (27) the fifth installment of the new round of emergency aid. The benefit has installments from R$150 to R$375, depending on the family.

Payment will also be made to those enrolled in the Federal Government’s Single Registry of Social Programs (CadÚnico) born in the same month. The money will be deposited in digital savings accounts and can be used through the Caixa Tem application. Only two to three weeks after the deposit, it can be withdrawn in cash or transferred to a checking account.

Also today, the fifth installment of emergency aid is received by Bolsa Família participants with a Social Registration Number (NIS) at the end of 8. The dates for the extension of the benefit were announced two weeks ago.

In all, 45.6 million Brazilians will benefit from the new round of emergency aid. The aid is paid only to those who received the benefit in December 2020. It is also necessary to meet other requirements to be entitled to the new round.

5 installment emergency aid calendar
Emergency Assistance Calendar. Photo: Disclosure/Box

For Bolsa Família beneficiaries, payment occurs differently. Applicants can directly withdraw money in the last ten business days of each month, based on the final digit of the NIS.

The payment of the fifth installment to those enrolled in Bolsa Família began on the 18th and continues until the 31st. Emergency aid will only be deposited when the amount exceeds the benefit of the social program.

Emergency aid 5th installment: table with dates of the 5th installment for Bolsa Família
The calendar of the 5th installment of emergency aid works differently for Bolsa Família beneficiaries. Photo: Disclosure / Box