Check out the main Netflix releases for the month of September

Netflix has prepared major releases for the month of September, with unmissable movies, series and documentaries. See the highlights.

The month of September is coming and, with it, spring, a colorful season, a romantic time for many. The streaming platform Netflix prepared big releases for the month of September, with unmissable films, series and documentaries.

The catalog was made available on the platform’s official website. More than 50 titles will be available, including Netflix original production films, licensed by other producers, original and licensed series, documentaries and more. Let’s give some hints of some of these releases in the month of September.

Netflix launches in September: movies

  • Stretching the Party (September 2nd);
  • How much? (on September 3rd);
  • Slender Man: Nightmare Without a Face (September 6th);
  • JJ+E (September 8th);
  • Amores Perros (on September 9th);
  • Invisible Hunting (September 10th);
  • Kate (September 10th);
  • We (September 10th)
  • BAC Nord: Under Pressure (September 17th);
  • The Father Who Moves Mountains (September 17th);
  • Confessions of an Excluded Girl (September 22);
  • Intrusion (September 22nd);
  • A Nest for Two (September 24th);
  • We were Songs (September 29th);
  • Nobody Leaves Alive (September 29).

Netflix launches in September: series

  • Force-Queer (September 2nd);
  • La Casa de Papel Part 5, Volume 1 (September 3rd);
  • Into the Night (Season 2) (September 8th);
  • The Circle: USA (Season 3) (September 8th);
  • Lucifer (Season 6) (September 10th);
  • Mandou Bem (Season 6) (September 15th);
  • Final Space (Season 3) (September 16th);
  • Sex Education (Season 3) (September 17th);

Netflix launches in September: documentaries

  • Inspiration 4: Star Voyage (September 6th);
  • Untold: Federer x Fish (September 7th);
  • Blood Brothers: Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X (September 9th);
  • Schumacher (September 15th);
  • My Heroes Were Cowboys (September 16th);
  • Attack of the Hollywood Clichés! (September 28th).

Above are just some of the Netflix catalog for you to check out. In the list released by the platform for the month of September, there is still a wide choice of material for children.