Child forgotten for 3 hours in vehicle is buried and nanny is arrested


Fabricio, Arthur and Karina: family reunited

Three hours and six minutes. That was the time that Arthur Oliveira dos Santos, 2 years old, was locked inside the vehicle of his nanny, Glaucia Aparecida Luiz, 35, in the Jardim Redentor region, in Bauru, this Wednesday afternoon (25th) hottest of the year in the city. Yesterday (26), the child’s body, which arrived at the UPA in Geisel already lifeless, was veiled in Bauru and buried in Macatuba, the boy’s parents’ hometown, under strong commotion. The nanny, on the other hand, detained for homicide with eventual intent, had her arrest in flagrante delicto converted to preventive by the Justice. Her defense claims, however, that “it was never intended to bring about such an outcome” (read below).

By converting the prison from custody to custody yesterday, the judge would have considered the seriousness of the occurrence that took little Arthur’s life. The case was disclosed first hand by JC in this Thursday’s edition.

According to information from the police report (BO), UPA security reported to the Military Police (PM) that Glaucia arrived at the scene and handed the boy over to the professional to refer him to the medical team, claiming that she needed to notify the parents.

At the unit, the child’s mother, 25-year-old telemarketing operator Karina Oliveira Souza dos Santos, informed the PM that the nanny told her to go to the UPA, as her son was undergoing medical care. Karina, in fact, only became aware of the child’s death when she arrived at the scene.

Nanny Glaucia, in turn, returned to the UPA, where she informed the police that she had left to leave a child at her parents’ house and, as she had no one to look at the other two children under her care, she took the three of them. On the way back, the woman said that she parked the vehicle in front of her residence.

When she got out of the car, the nanny took the smaller child, her purse and other items, but left Arthur inside the car, which she said had the window open. The woman claimed that she intended to return in minutes to fetch Arthur.

In her report to the police, Glaucia says that she ended up needing to change the child’s diaper and, upon returning to the vehicle, she saw the victim unconscious in the back seat.


However, police obtained security camera footage of a neighboring property, showing that Arthur spent more than three hours in the car. JC also had access to the footage (see The monitoring system reveals that Glaucia parked the car, a GM/Celta, around 1:45 pm and, 28 minutes later, Arthur appears trying to open the doors and knocking on the passenger side window. Without success, the boy returned to the backseat.

At 4:22 pm, still according to the images, the nanny even passes by the vehicle with a garbage bag in her hands, but does not see the child. It is not until 4:51 pm that she directly opens the left rear door of the vehicle and rescues the victim. At the UPA, a nurse told police that the boy had a stiff jaw when he was admitted to the unit.

In view of the whole context, the police authority gave the woman the arrest in flagrante delicto and requested expertise both at the scene of the facts and in the vehicle.


In the reasoned order, police chief Mário Henrique de Oliveira Ramos, who registered the case, argues that Glaucia took care of the children in a clandestine way. “Only with the help of her 16-year-old daughter, the author takes the risk of taking care of around 18 children and, in some cases, picking them up from their homes and taking them to the same places, in complete illegality” .

The duty officer also maintains that “there is no control, no respect, no responsibility (…) even the disregard for human beings in the pursuit of profit must have a limit”.

In an interview with Cidade 360º, early yesterday morning, Ramos declared that he had indicted the woman for murder with possible intent, when the author assumes the risk of the result of death. “The author and her daughter had taken care of these children for five years without any structure. She still looked for the little ones in their homes without having an adapted car with car seats. She knew there was everything to go wrong,” she said.

‘He loved that place,’ says dad

Acceptance Jr.

Arthur’s father, Fabrício Lucas dos Santos reveals that his son loved being with the nanny

Arthur’s father, production assistant Fabrício Lucas dos Santos, 28, reports that the child used to attend the nanny’s house from Monday to Friday, from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm, for 10 months. “He loved that place and even cried because he didn’t want to leave,” he adds, still incredulous with the tragedy.

The boy, who was the only child of Santos and his wife, was born in Lençóis Paulista, but lived with his parents in Nova Bauru, in Bauru. “I don’t know the truth yet, however, I trust a lot in divine justice”, comments the father, who is an evangelical.

Also according to him, Arthur was a healthy and extremely affectionate child. “We used to joke that anyone could steal him, because he opened his arms to everyone”, he concludes.