Cielo is the target of a false “material fact” about going public and advises investors to check information

Cielo building

Cielo building

SAO PAULO – Cielo (CIEL3) informed this Friday (27) that it was the target of a false “material fact” about a possible delisting of the company.

The file shared on social networks, dated Wednesday (25), follows the same visual structure as the company’s communications, containing a logo and formatting similar to those used by Cielo in such communications.

According to the company, it is a false image, assembled and distributed by third parties, without any participation by the company.

“This finding was possible both because of the evidence contained in the image itself, such as formatting and text errors, and because of the absence of such a document in the means of disclosure of relevant facts used by Cielo, under the terms of the applicable regulations”, wrote Cielo, in communicated to the market.

Also according to the company, the subject of the title of the aforementioned image was recently the object of clarification by the company, through the notice to the market released on August 17, 2021, having, on that occasion, been consulted with its controlling shareholders and confirmed that there was no deal on the company’s delisting under discussion.

The company reiterates that the disclosure of material facts is carried out exclusively by official means and recommends that the veracity of information received by other means is always verified, which can be done by consulting the “IPE Online” on the websites of the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM) and B3, as well as on the investor relations website of Cielo.

She also clarified that she is evaluating possible measures, both in the administrative, civil and criminal spheres, which may be adopted in relation to this event, as well as others of the same nature.

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