Corinthians pays back wages to professional and base players | corinthians

Corinthians paid professional players’ salaries for July, which had been delayed since the beginning of this month.

The information was confirmed by midfielder Giuliano, in an interview with “Band” this Friday.

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The Corinthians board also paid off half of the three months of allowances for players in the youth categories with a training contract (a bond that precedes the professional agreement). The other part must be paid in the next few days.

Manager Alessandro Nunes and Corinthians President Duílio Monteiro Alves — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

A training contract guarantees the young football player a grant and other assistance, such as medical and dental insurance. The club did not say how many athletes have been affected by the delays so far.

Corinthians faces financial difficulties, but managed to close the first half of 2021 with the accounts in the blue. However, suffering constant judicial blockades, the club has cash flow problems.

Now, the board is working to make August salaries viable, which must be paid by the fifth business day of next month.

Meanwhile, the football board continues to move in search of renowned players. Striker Róger Guedes is close to being announced. The club is also waiting for an answer from Arsenal’s attacking midfielder Willian.

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Banner Corinthians — Photo: Disclosure