Corinthians pays off professional squad’s August salary; part of the base and other sports ditto

About 20 days late, Corinthians managed to pay off the main squad’s August salary, which, according to the CLT, should have been deposited by the club on the last 6th (fifth working day of the month). The discharge was confirmed to the My Timon by one of the entrepreneurs of the athletes from Alvinegro.

Corinthians also managed to settle part of the dispute with the base boys (under-17 and under-20), who were three months behind in their allowance. – May 10th (referring to the month worked in April), June 10th (referring to May) and now August 10th (referring to July). The report could not confirm which (or which) month (months) were reset.

A portion of the debt owed to athletes from other sports (basketball, swimming, etc.) was also paid off, who ended up with delayed salary for two months. The information received by the report was that, at least one month, it was paid off.

Salary obligations with professional athletes, base and other sports were not met due to lack of cash flow, as the club struggles against a serious financial crisis. The same had happened on the fifth working day of the months of July and June.

In a recent interview with Gazeta Esportiva, president Duilio Monteiro Alves did not hide his discomfort with the sequence of judicial blockades in the club’s accounts, which disrupt the day-to-day administration. O My Timon breaks down the lawsuits daily. Look on here the last cases.

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