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This Thursday (26) the Federal Court removed the secrecy, determined by the federal government, on the documents dealing with the acquisition of the Indian vaccine Covaxin. The injunction (provisional) was based on a request from Covid’s Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI).

Covaxin’s purchase contract, whose total value was BRL 1.6 billion to fund 20 million doses, was terminated after a series of reports of irregularities and the finding of fraud in the documentation sent by Necessidade, a company that acted as a intermediary between the manufacturer Bharat Biotech and the Ministry of Health.

  • Understand why the purchase of Covaxin doses entered the sights of Covid’s CPI

Natuza: Covid's CPI goes to court against secrecy of the Covaxin case

Natuza: Covid’s CPI goes to court against secrecy of the Covaxin case

Secrecy of documents was imposed by an administrative act of the Administrative Technical Analysis Service of the Ministry of Health.

The decision maintains that the federal government did not present “concrete elements” to justify the secrecy.

“It should be noted that, after hearing the judicial representation of the Federal Government, it did not bring to the file concrete elements that would clarify the motivation of the act, making, on the contrary, references to acts that do not relate to the controversy”, says the decision. The document was signed by Federal Judge Anderson da Silva.

The request for breach of confidentiality was signed by the president of the CPI, senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM) and the rapporteur of the Commission, senator Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL). According to the injunction, the senators argued that there was “abuse of power” in the administrative act of the government.

“They maintain that the contested act is fraught with misuse of purpose, excess of power and abuse of authority. It further asserts that the right of access to the aforementioned administrative process stems from the principle of publicity, which prohibits secrecy, as a rule”, says the document.

The decision also says that the senators’ request was “necessary” and “useful”.

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