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Acre closed the period from January to July 2021 with a record balance of US$ 30.498 million in its trade balance on the foreign market. This value is the highest in the historical series since 1997 and exceeds by 51% the balance for the same period in 2020, which was US$ 20.215 million. In today’s article, we are going to comment on the expansion of the foreign market and highlight the main destinations for Acre’s exports. To do so, we are going to make a cut in the historical series, comparing data from 2021 with data from five years ago, that is, the year of 2016. The source of the data was the Ministry of Economy and were obtained through the website: The survey was carried out on August 9th and 10th, 2021.

Wood and by-products – US continues to lead in destinations, China and France advance

We will start with wood and wood products, whose export in July was US$ 1.19 million and in the first seven months of the year, 8.98 million, or 27.7% of the total value of Acre’s exports in the year (US$ 32,107 millions).

Over the past 5 years, the US has maintained its position as the leader in our wood purchases. Belgium also remains a faithful partner and, in 2021, China and France already appear as significant partners in the acre wood market.

Brazil Nut – Peru expands larger destination and Bolivia loses space to US and UK

As a traditional forestry product in Acre, Brazil nuts, which encompass a wide production chain, benefiting hundreds of small producers and extractivists from Acre, appear in the first seven months of 2021, with the second highest value of products exported by Acre. Until July, US$ 8.10 million of the product had already been exported, representing 25.2% of the total exported.

Peru continues to be the main destination for Brazil nut exported by Acre. However, in 2021, there was a diversification of destinations, with emphasis on the presence of the USA with a certain significance (12.8%) as a buyer of the product. On the other hand, there is a reduction in Bolivia’s participation compared to 2016.

Soybeans and Derivatives – Europe consolidates itself as the largest destination for Acre soy

As a new product of Acre’s Agribusiness, soy and its derivatives already appear with the third highest value of Acre’s exports. In the first seven months of 2021, it totaled US$ 7.23 million, representing 22.5% of general exports in the period.

The first record of exports of soy and its derivatives by Acre was in 2018, destined for Thailand, Peru and the Netherlands. In 2021, the Netherlands continues as a captive destination for Acre exports (28.4%), in whose leadership appears Spain. In addition to Turkey and Russia, Mexico (7.2%) and Tunisia (2.8%) also appear as important destinations for product exports in 2021.

Bovine Derivatives – Hong Kong remains the largest buyer of Acrean cattle derivatives

The economic activity with the highest gross value of rural production in Acre, cattle raising, is responsible for the fourth highest value of exports in the first 7 months of 2021. Even without having the capacity to export special cuts, required by the main import markets, beef and its derivatives already totaled exports worth US$ 3.932 million in the period, representing 12.2% of all exported. We know that most of Acre’s meat is exported abroad by other states of the federation, mainly Rondônia.

In 2016, there were only three destinations for livestock products, especially Hong Kong (83.8%) and Vietnam (11.3%). Peru still demanded that year, 4.9% of Acre’s products. Still with bureaucratic obstacles to be resolved, Peru does not appear as a destination for exports of beef derivatives in 2021. In addition to Hong Kong, Paraguay, Switzerland, USA, Congo and Japan, they appear as new markets for these products in 2021.

Pork meat and derivatives – Bolivia dominates, but Hong Kong, Denmark and Mozambique already appear in the statistics

Pork meat and derivatives appear as the fifth highest value of Acre exports in the first seven months of 2021, totaling US$ 1.32 million, representing 4.1% of total exports in the period.

The first record of pork exports was also in 2018, with exports exclusively to the Bolivia.

With the activity expanding, in 2021, in addition to Bolivia, which still dominates the purchase of products, appear Hong Kong (9.9%), Denmark (6.2%) and the African country of Mozambique (5.6%).

In conclusion, we are convinced that we still have a lot to grow, especially in exports of products of animal origin (beef, pork, poultry and fish). We have already advanced in many aspects, especially in terms of health and certification of our herd. However, bilateral negotiations need to move forward, especially with our neighbor Peru.

Even so, in the case of Acre, the opening of new markets meant the expansion of its international trade. But we are far from ideal. It is also necessary to prepare the producer and exporter to meet the demands of each of these new customers, in addition to the development of commercial promotion activities and dissemination of Acre products to expand the range of commercial partners.

Orlando Sabino writes on Thursdays at ac24horas.