Cruise: Sete Lagoas releases 30% of the capacity of Arena do Jacar

(Photo: Marcos Michelin/EM/DA Press - 8/18/14)

COVID’s Local Coping Committee – formed by representatives of the Municipal Health Department, private hospitals, the Municipal Guard and the Military Police – decided, this Thursday (8/26), to advance Sete Lagoas, in the Central Region of the state , for Onda Verde of the Minas Consciente program. The main decision was to release up to 30% of the audience capacity in stadiums, which represents 3,900 fans at Arena do Jacar.

The committee also decided that games at the Arena do Jacar will be able to receive up to 30% of the stadium’s current capacity, which, according to information, today would be around 13 thousand people, since part of its grandstand structure is banned.

The street commerce of alcoholic beverages in and around the stadium will not be allowed, and there will be inspection of possible agglomerations by the Municipal Guard and Military Police.

Another measure defined is that the gates of Arena do Jacar must be opened three hours before the game and closed half an hour before the match starts.

The home club must follow all the protocols defined by the Federao Mineira de Futebol and, therefore, require PCR tests.

“We are still going to meet with Democrata and Cruzeiro to detail the health safety rules to be followed. We cannot lose control and after this advance we will have to retreat, so we are once again counting on the awareness of the population and fans”, commented the mayor.

other decisions

The reclassification to Onda Verde was unanimously approved by the members of the Committee. However, the collegiate decided to adopt some more restrictive measures than those established by the Government of Minas.

“Vaccination has evolved a lot in Sete Lagoas, where we have already applied more than 202,000 doses of the vaccine against COVID-19. We took into account the sharp drop in bed occupancy, which currently has very low rates”, commented Mayor Dulio de Castro (Patriota).

Now, indoors can receive up to 50% capacity, with the limit of 300 people. Already open places can receive up to 50% of the capacity, with the limit of 600 people, and the schedule has been extended to 1:00 in the morning.

Bars and restaurants are still open until 1 am. Cinemas may have occupancy of up to 50%.

Pandemic numbers in Sete Lagoas

According to the latest bulletin, released on Thursday, Sete Lagoas recorded a total of 23,106 contaminated by COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, with the confirmation of 11 new cases.

The suspected death occurred on Tuesday (24), at Unimed, gave a positive result for COVID. Thus, the city reaches 604 bits.

Of the 18 hospitalized in the city, 12 are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and six in the infirmary. Among those admitted to the ICU, seven are from Sete Lagoas and five are from other cities in the region (Abaet, Papagaios, Paraopeba and Baldim).

The bed occupancy rate in the COVID, SUS and private ICU is at 34.3%. Considering only SUS beds, this rate is 47.6%.

Vaccination in the municipality

According to the city hall, until this Wednesday (8/25), 144,158 people (59.6% of the population) received the first dose. The second dose was applied to 52,054 citizens and the single dose to 5,814 people.