Daniel Dias wins another bronze and reaches 26 Paralympic medals

Daniel Dias, from São Paulo, won his 26th Paralympic medal at the Tokyo Games (Japan) this Thursday morning, with a bronze medal in the 100-meter freestyle event of the S5 class (physical-motor handicap), with time time of 1min10s80. It is the second bronze of the multi-champion at Tokyo 2020: yesterday morning (25), Daniel won his first medal by completing the 200 meters freestyle in third place. Swimming competitions are being held at the Tokyo Aquatic Center in the Japanese capital.

Who took the gold medal was the Italian Francesco Bocciardo, with the time of 1min09s56. Silver went to China, with Lichao Wang, with a time of 1min10s45.

Other results

In the 100 meters freestyle S5 (physical-motor handicap), Joana Neves, Joaninha, from Natal, finished the dispute in eighth place, with a time of 1min27s62.

In the 200 meters freestyle in the SM6 class (physical-motor handicap), the 26-year-old Talisson Glock, from Santa Catarina, was in sixth position, with a time of 2 min45s17.

Finally, Matheus Rheine, from Santa Catarina, took fifth place in the 400 meters freestyle in class S11 (blindness). He got a time of 4 min33s64.