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The death of the 2-year-old baby, who was forgotten by a caregiver in a car for more than 3 hours, occurred on the day Bauru, in the interior of São Paulo, registered the highest temperature of the year.

According to data from the Meteorological Research Institute of Unesp (Ipmet), the thermometers marked on Wednesday (25) 35, 3°C around 16:00. According to police, the child was in the car from 1:45 pm to 4:51 pm.

According to the Civil Police, Arthur Oliveira dos Santos was under the care of the caregiver Glaucia Aparecida Luiz, 35, who, along with her daughter, would be responsible for more than 10 children in her home.

Police said the place functioned as an irregular day care center. A team was called in the late afternoon after the boy was taken by Glaucia to an Emergency Care Unit (UPA), but the child arrived lifeless.

In the images recorded by security circuit, it is possible to see that Arthur is in the front seat of the car, next to the windshield, giving the impression that he was trying to open the door and knock on the glass. The recording of the moment the boy appeared moving occurred around 2 pm, police said (watch below).

Camera records baby moving in car in Bauru;  child died

Camera records baby moving in car in Bauru; child died

The caregiver was arrested for murder with possible intent. She had her arrest in flagrante delicto converted into preventive by the Court during a custody hearing held this Thursday afternoon (26). The defense informed that it will file a request for provisional release, as “there was never the intention to bring about such a result”.

Glaucia declared that she had forgotten Arthur, son of the couple Fabrício Lucas do Santos and Karina Oliveira de Souza dos Santos, for about 15 minutes. But the recording shows that, at 4:22 pm, Glaucia left the house to put the trash in the dumpster and passed by the vehicle. She, however, would not have noticed the child was there.

Image shows the boy in the front seat of the car parked on the street in Bauru — Photo: Security circuit/Reproduction

Only at 4:51 pm did the woman open the vehicle door to store something, according to police. At that point, the caregiver realized that Arthur was unconscious in the backseat.

She picked the boy up and went into the house. Minutes later, she ran with him to take him to the Geisel Emergency Care Unit. The child would have arrived at the place lifeless. According to the staff who provided the service, Arthur had signs of dehydration, suffocation and a stiff jaw.

The police report informed that Glaucia contacted the boy’s parents to say that he was being treated at the UPA. The mother told the police that it was only when she arrived at the unit that she learned that her son had died.

According to Chief of Police Eduardo Herrera, who is temporarily in charge of the DDM, the police are waiting for the autopsy report from the Legal Medical Institute (IML) and the expert report to define the direction of the investigation, which will seek to hear others involved in the case. This Thursday, the police heard the baby’s mother’s testimony.

The caregiver with the baby in her arms returns home; minutes later she left with a boy to take him to the UPA in Bauru — Photo: Security circuit/Reproduction

Caregiver was arrested in Bauru and must go through a custody hearing this Thursday — Photo: Fernanda Ubaid/ TV TEM

On the suspicion that an irregular day care center would work in Glaucia’s house, police chief Mário Henrique de Oliveira said:

“She has a clandestine establishment where she and her daughter take care of more than 10, 12 children. She takes these children back and forth, she doesn’t have a structure. And another: she forgot this child in the car and she didn’t notice the child’s absence in the house.”

Also according to the delegate, there was a lack of care on the part of the woman, so the case is investigated as a homicide with eventual intent.

“She provides coffee, snacks and sleep time, that is, a series of activities. So, it was a lack of care, an irresponsibility that surpasses simple negligence, simple carelessness.”

The caregiver’s defense also said that she had no intention of causing the boy’s death.

“Glaucia and her family have been cooperating vehemently with the investigations, in order to clarify the facts, not least because Glaucia had no intention of killing the child, nor of hurting her. The defense passes on the condolences and most sincere condolences of Glaucia and his family to the relatives of the boy Arthur,” the statement states.

2-year-old baby dies after being left in car by caregiver in Bauru

2-year-old baby dies after being left in car by caregiver in Bauru

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