Defeat exposes gaps in Peixe and Diniz vents: “It’s what makes me the most upset”

O Peixe moves in the market to reinforce its cast. But his search so far ended up yielding only two signings that may already be available for the Copa do Brasil: midfielder Augusto Galván and striker Diego Tardelli. The new hires pleased coach Fernando Diniz, but commander Alvinegro is upset with the casualties he had recently, defender Luan Peres, defensive midfielder Alison and striker Kaio Jorge. Important players who left Vila Belmiro impacted the coach’s strategies.

The coach commented on his dissatisfaction, but made it clear that the departures are not something that can be avoided: “When I arrived at Santos, what saddened me most was the departure of players. This kind of change is what makes me the most upset, but these are things that happen, we have no control. When the team started to meet, one leaves, another leaves, and those who arrive now, we cannot demand that, for example, (Léo) Baptistão, be in shape to play”.

To detail the problem that the gaps left behind, Diniz cited the panorama of Athletico-PR, precisely the opponent who disputes a place in the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil: “This lack (of pieces) is the opposite of what happens today with Athletico , who doesn’t lose a player, increases his squad, they hired Pedro Rocha, which we didn’t get. My complaint, what saddens me, is this. We could be at a faster game level if we managed to maintain consistency and, little by little, qualifying the team”, lamented the coach.

Santos also has important absences compared to last season, Lucas Veríssimo and Diego Pituca, key players in the team that was coached by Cuca in 2020. So much so, that the priority at the moment for the club is to find a name that will replace the departure of Pituca and the departure of Sandry, who does not act as he is recovering from a serious knee injury. The information is from

Although only Diego Tardelli and midfielder Augusto Galván can play for the Copa do Brasil, so far, Peixe has signed striker Léo Baptistão and goalkeeper Jandrei. The list is about to increase, as defender Emiliano Velázques is very close to signing a contract with Peixe.