DF Health Secretary, Osnei Okumoto is dismissed

The Health Secretary of the Federal District, Osnei Okumoto, was dismissed. In his place, José Humberto Pires, who already holds the position of Secretary of Government, takes over on an interim basis.

The column wide angle Governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB) said he wanted “someone with the support of the health network”. And he added: “I needed a manager to help me improve the pace of the actions of the Department of Health.”

Orthopedist Alberto Aguiar Santos Neto was even announced as the new secretary, but declined the invitation. As reported by the GDF, he decided not to assume the role for “personal reasons, especially family ones”, and will continue to run his company.

Deputy Secretary of Health Management, Artur Felipe Siqueira de Brito will also leave the position at the Health Department.

Osnei did not participate in the traditional press conference with information from Covid-19 this Thursday (26/8). He was already suffering attrition in the government.


Osnei Okumoto was at the Health Department in two moments. He was appointed secretary at the beginning of Ibaneis’ term and left in March 2020 to assume the position of president of the Blood Center.

But he returned to the position of Secretary of Health in September last year, soon after the then secretary, Francisco Araújo, was arrested under Operation Falso Negativo.

Now, Osnei will return to the Blood Center.