Diego Costa is part of Atlético-MG delegation in Atibaia and is available against Bragantino | athletic-mg

Diego Costa’s debut in the Atlético-MG shirt is getting closer. The player will be related to the match against Bragantino, next Sunday, at 20h (GMT), at Nabi Abi Chedid, for the 18th round of the Brazilian Championship.

The information was given by Cuca, after the victory over Fluminense in the Copa do Brasil. The coach said that the center forward and Mariano will join the Galo delegation this Friday, in Atibaia, in the interior of São Paulo. The lateral was out of the two games against Flu (one for the Brazilian) due to muscle injury.

– No, I don’t expect Diego there on the 12th, against Fortaleza. I’m expecting him on Sunday, against Bragantino. He and Mariano join our team in Bragança Paulista tomorrow (Friday).

Diego Costa will be available against Bragantino — Photo: Pedro Souza

Introduced a week ago, Diego Costa had been training with the group, but still looking for better physical shape. With Galo’s trip this week for commitments against Fluminense, the striker started training with the base, precisely to improve his condition. His last game was in December of last year, for Atlético de Madrid.

Jair was also injured by Mariano in the game against River Plate a week ago. The defensive midfielder, however, will continue in Belo Horizonte undergoing treatment and will be embezzled in front of the fourth-placed Brasileirão.

Guilherme Arana, Eduardo Vargas, Savarino and Alan Franco, called up by their teams for three rounds of the World Cup qualifiers, will be released after the match against Bragantino. As Galo’s next appointment will only be on the 12th, against Fortaleza, they will not be embezzled by Cuca.

The Alvinegra delegation will only return to Belo Horizonte at dawn next Monday. Players will be released, but the club has not released for how many days.

Partner Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG — Photo: Disclosure