Dilsinho releases album on the day his daughter turns a month: ‘I’m very much in love with Bella, I’m just not sleeping’ | famous

“Bocas e Bocas” has a special taste and a very important place in the heart of Dilsinho. The new work, chosen by the singer as the most incredible of his entire career, was divided into four parts, which will be presented between August and December this year. The release, which has three tracks and unreleased clips, arrives with the single “Porre”, which will have a music video this Friday, 8/27.

The project also has a social nature and is associated with the Palcos do Rio network and will support bars that suffered from the crisis caused by the pandemic. “Bocas e Bocas” will have a documentary, which will air Multishow next Saturday, 8/28, and on the BIS channel on Sunday, 29. It tells the story of each bar, its employees and the struggle to keep business going in such difficult times.

Dilsinho and his first daughter, Bella — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

With the birth of Bella a month ago, the artist became more inspired and tells everything he has been living in this first month of his first child, completed on this very special day. “Today, everything I propose to do in my life, I think about her and everything that happens is for her”. Check out the exclusive chat with daddy!

“After more than a year without doing shows and recording something new, I wanted to do something that made sense in my life and in the lives of other people. The project became a great documentary telling my story, my beginning, that it happened in bars and restaurants in Rio. It speaks a little of the impact of the pandemic on these establishments, the stories of waiters, service providers, owners and how important it is to encourage music in bars, how this changes people’s lives. shadow of doubt the most amazing and important project I’ve ever done in my life.”

Dilsinho releases new album “Garrafas e Bocas” — Photo: Daniela Valverde/Divulgação

“I’m very much in love with Bella and right now. Launch day happened to be her first month’s day, so it makes it even more special. I am. full time following the growth, the initial phase. I’m allowing myself to follow every detail, every change in her and our family’s life. Bia and I are very happy with all the positive things, with all the good she is bringing. I’m just not sleeping (laughter), she stays awake all night and I don’t know who she pulled.”

Bella and mother Beatriz — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“I keep thinking that when my daughter has the opportunity to understand this project, how will she face it in a few years and I’m very proud. I wanted to do a project that she would be proud of me and have the opportunity to do something about it. for other people’s sake. I’m sure she’ll look and be proud of what we’re doing today.”

“As soon as my daughter was born, I started to understand a little more what it means to be a father and the importance that a child has in our life. Today, everything I propose to do in my life, I think about her and everything that happens, is for her.”

Dilsinho drools on his daughter Bella and shares his little feet on social media — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“We took great care of people’s health, safety, we did everything within the necessary standards. I was very happy to be able to complete such an important project for me and for the people who participated with me.”

Dilsinho launches “Bottles and Mouths” — Photo: Daniela Valverde/Divulgação

Dilsinho launches new ‘Album’ — Photo: Daniela Valverde/Divulgação

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