Does the new PIS/Pasep payment schedule and payment round already have a confirmed date?

The payment of a minimum wage for the PIS/Pasep salary bonus that should have started in July this year was postponed to 2022. The decision was unanimously taken by the Deliberative Council of the Workers’ Support Fund (Codefat) signed an agreement between government representatives , companies and workers.

The calendar postponed to 2022 is intended for those who worked with a formal contract in 2020. For this audience, it will be necessary to wait until February of next year. The salary bonus has some requirements that need to be met to ensure access to the benefit, such as having received a maximum average of up to two minimum wages per month in 2020.

Why was the salary bonus postponed?

Codefat is a body made up of representatives of the federal government, private companies and workers. The decision to postpone the PIS/Pasep allowance occurred because the government representatives at Codefat defended a temporary suspension of program payments to help create the Emergency Program for the Preservation of Employment and Income, better known as “Bem”.

The postponement of the salary bonus ended up releasing R$ 7.6 billion in government expenditures that could be reallocated for the creation and formatting of the BEm 2021.

Deferred payment and release dates

The 2020 salary bonus payment schedule has not yet been made available, however, the resolution that postponed the payment of the bonus provides for “the best efforts to ensure” that all workers receive the benefit in the first half of 2022.

As a rule, the payment schedule occurs according to the month of birth, for employees of private companies and by the final number of registration on Pasep for public servants.

However, the forecast of the new calendar should only take place in January 2022 when the payment schedule should be released in February. That’s because companies send employee record listings by the month of October and the audit process takes place until January. Thus, with the validation of the data, the government will be able to prepare the new payment schedule.

Rules for receipt

The change in the salary bonus calendar changes the rules for receiving the PIS/Pasep bonus. In this case, to have access to the allowance, it will be necessary for the private company worker registered with the PIS, to have worked at least five years formally and exercised paid activity for at least 30 days in the base year, with an average monthly remuneration of up to two minimum wages.

It is also necessary that the professional’s data is correctly informed by the employer in the Rais ​ (Annual Social Information Report). Public servants who meet the same requirements, on the other hand, receive the Pasep.

The amount paid is up to one minimum wage and varies according to how long the person has worked. If she worked all year, she gets a minimum wage. If you worked a month, you earn proportionally: 1/12 of the minimum wage.