Drummond’s work is no longer published by Companhia das Letras – Cultura

the publisher Company of Letters informed that he will no longer publish the poet’s work Carlos Drummond de Andrade, which it has been doing since 2011. “The publisher informs, with sadness, that, as it does not see the possibility of accepting the terms of contract renewal, it decided to stop publishing Drummond’s work”, he says, in a statement, without going into details about the obstacles.

In a period of 10 years, 54 titles were released, including poetry, chronicles, diaries, anthologies and children’s books. “Our collection had an advisory board, a special graphic project, a new establishment of text and afterwords commissioned for the editions, signed by critics and writers who shed light on the relevance of one of the main Portuguese-speaking poets”, continues the editor, in the statement , stating that the books will be available for six months.

The copyright of Drummond’s work will no longer be represented by the Riff Agency, which represented the poet for 20 years. “Issues related to the work and copyrights of Carlos Drummond de Andrade must be dealt with, from now on, directly with Luis Maurício Graña Drummond and Pedro Graña Drummond, copyright owners and grandchildren of the great writer”, said the agency, in note.

Before Companhia das Letras, Drummond’s work was edited by Editora Record, with some titles still being published by Cosac Naify.