Duster scores zero on crash test; Latin NCAP recommends recall – 08/27/2021

The Renault Duster was rated zero in an impact test carried out by Latin NCAP, the result of which was announced this morning by the independent road safety institute for markets in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Rated in the entry-level version, equipped with the two mandatory front airbags and electronic stability control, the compact SUV was poorly rated in the 64 km/h frontal crash against a fixed barrier, with “unstable” structure and fuel leakage – what, according to the institute, it would be reason enough for Renault to recall the model.

In addition, the performance in the side impact assessment demonstrated “very limited protection” with door opening.

“Opening the door in a side impact requires immediate action by Renault, as it poses a serious risk of ejecting the passenger,” warns Latin NCAP.

According to the Latin NCAP, protection for adult occupants was 29.47% and 22.93% for child occupants.

At the same time, pedestrian protection, estimated at 50.79%, was “at the limit of reasonableness”, while the assessment of assistance and safety systems was at 34.88%.

Even Duster took 4 stars in 2019

It is noteworthy that the score of zero applied to Duster was given under stricter criteria adopted by the Latin NCAP from 2020 – the same ones that also zeroed the score of Ford Ka and Hyundai HB20 last year, after both received better assessment under the previous protocol .

The current generation of Duster was even evaluated by the institute in 2019, before its launch in Brazil, getting 4 stars for adults and three for children. According to Renault, the car at the time was identical in equipment and construction to what has now been zeroed.

Check out Renault’s position on this:

The Duster vehicle, which had its test released in August 2021, is exactly the same in terms of active and passive safety content as the vehicle that got four stars in adult protection and three stars in child protection, in test. carried out by the same institution in 2019.

In 2020, Latin NCAP changed the testing protocols and, because of that, the results are different.

It is important to emphasize that the Renault Duster strictly complies with the regulations in the countries where it is sold, surpassing them in some aspects. The model features various safety equipment such as ESP, blind spot alert, Multiview camera, ramp start assistant, among others, which are not required by law.

Renault believes that, just as there has been a great evolution in vehicle safety in recent years, the topic will continue to evolve and Renault will continue to offer products with a high level of safety.

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