Elden Ring will be more accessible than Sekiro • Eurogamer.pt

“We always want all types of players to enjoy these games.”

The release of Elden Ring is getting closer and closer, with the new game from From Software hitting PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles and PCs on January 21, 2022.

Recently, several media outlets, including Eurogamer.net, had the opportunity to watch a gameplay preview of Elden Ring, where it was possible to get a better idea of ​​how the game works, its mechanics and how it differs from the previous games from the acclaimed studio. In addition, the media had the opportunity to speak with Yasuhiro Kitao from From Software and ask him about various aspects of the game.

One of the questions asked was related to the game’s accessibility and the way the studio designed the different elements of Elden Ring in order to make it more accessible than Sekiro, which was much criticized due to its intense difficulty.

“We always want all types of players to enjoy these games and get as far as possible. Obviously, we respect and appreciate that a large part of our player base really enjoys this level of challenge and the situations where they are really tested, the your skills are tested. And we really want to fulfill your wishes, and we don’t intend to make any game easier or harder. But we also want to create and prepare a wide variety of approaches and options that less able players can use, to enjoy the game and feel that sense of accomplishment, just like those hardened veterans,” said Kitao.

In other words, Elden Ring will have a series of possible approaches that can be used by players used to the style of From Software but also by those more “casual”, something possible thanks to the size of the game world. Furthermore, it’s essentially an RPG (unlike Sekiro, who was more action-oriented). Elden Ring won’t always be focused on action and combat, and sometimes you might just want to travel, explore and enjoy the world around you.

Either way, Elden Ring is still a game from From Software – this means that, even with these “tweaks”, it will certainly be a difficult game.

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