Enchanted Shakhtar, conversation with manager and more: Pirani has a future exposed by Rueda at Santos

Fernando Diniz is under great pressure at Santos and knows that criticism will only diminish with victories. This weekend, the team has a big quarry at home: it faces Flamengo in a frenzy since the arrival of Renato Gaúcho. The expectation is that it will be a great game, considering that both teams like to have possession of the ball and to ‘aggress’ their opponents.

Off the field, the board of Peixão has accelerated the planning for resolve some pending issues. In recent days, the midfielder Gabriel Pirani received a poll from Shakhtar Donetsk and Peixão found out about the situation. The performances of the boy wearing the Santos shirt caught the attention of the Ukrainians, who liked what he saw.

However, despite European greed, the negotiation should not go forward at this time., as reported by the “Diário do Peixe” portal. The window closes at the end of this month and there would not be enough time for the transaction to close. Therefore, the deal would be for the beginning of next year.

Rueda guarantees the athlete’s permanence and also does not think of facilitating anything in the event of a proposal. The president understands that Pirani is a very promising player and that he could become a great midfielder very soon. Diniz also really likes the boy’s style of play and counts on him for the season’s sequel.

The athlete is also happy in Vila Belmiro and will not force any kind of business to leave. His contract is valid until the end of 2025 and, therefore, Santos feels safe from the harassment of European football clubs.

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