Erasmo Carlos tests positive for Covid in Rio: ‘Cheer for me’ | Rio de Janeiro

Singer Erasmo Carlos, 80, used his Instagram account to talk to friends and fans who tested positive for Covid. He posted a video this Thursday (26) saying he is fine, recovering at home and is on the third day of isolation, as recommended by his doctors.

Erasmo also said that he already took the two doses of vaccine against the disease, in May of this year, and that this should guarantee lighter symptoms from Covid.

“Hey guys. Even with all the care, including being vaccinated twice, I tested positive for Covid. I’m already on the third day of confinement, as ordered by my doctors, and I ask that everyone hope to pass quickly”, he said in the message of the video.

Erasmo Carlos: singer tested positive for Covid — Photo: Reproduction/Social networks

The post caption also got a message “Urgent vaccine for everyone! Take care, get vaccinated and cheer me on”.

Erasmo is one of the great vaccine enthusiasts, and has been demanding authorities on his social networks to send more doses to Rio de Janeiro, where he lives, as stocks have suffered from shortages.

One of the great names of Jovem Guarda and Roberto Carlos’ greatest musical partner, Erasmo turned 80 in June of that year. The singer has more than 600 songs to his name and revealed, in an interview with JN, that he continues to create.