ESPN commentator goes through tight skirt after technical failure: ‘Look at the naked guy’

With the repercussion, Felippe Facincani decided to explain why he appeared live shirtless

Reproduction/Instagram/felippefacincani/ESPN/26.08.2021Felippe Facincani appeared shirtless live on ESPN

the commentator Felipe Facincani went through a tight skirt during “SportsCenter” attraction, by ESPN Brazil, aired live last Wednesday, the 25th. Due to a technical glitch while reporters were updating the public on the round’s matches, the commentator’s image appeared on the screen ahead of schedule and Felippe appeared shirtless, arranging himself in front of the camera . Narrator Luiz Carlos Largo was surprised and commented: “Look at the naked guy. Look here, Tarzan.” The commentator then said: “Are we on the air yet? No kidding…”. The moment reverberated on social networks and he decided to speak up.

“Speak, guys, now properly dressed (laughs). Just to explain to the meanest, who try to invent situations that don’t exist, I wasn’t naked, naked, had not come out of the bath at all. I was in the kitchen of my house, which is even in the same space as my office back there, finishing my meal. The window was closed because of the heat, I was shirtless and in shorts,” said Felippe in a video posted on Instagram. The commentator said he was going to test the sound and did not put on his shirt so as not to sweat and appear in the air with his shirt wet. “It happens, home office, people”, he concluded.