ex-girlfriend reveals new cases of aggression

Russian Olya Sharypova has again accused tennis player Alexander Zverev of domestic violence. She, who dated the current Olympic champion between 2018 and 2019, reported new cases of aggression suffered in her relationship with the athlete.

In an interview with the American magazine “Slate”, Sharypova said that he received punches in the face and arm while accompanying the tennis player in the dispute of the Masters 1000 in Shanghai. Last year, she had already revealed that she was attacked during the US Open. At the time, Zverev denied the charges.

“He was irritated that I left fruit on his massage table and treated me very badly. I had a sugar crash and took insulin to get back to feeling good, and as soon as I got better, he treated me very badly, he offended me and told me to pack my bags and go back to Russia. I went to take a shower and, when I left, still naked, he punched me in the face and arms,” ​​said the Russian.

Sharypova also gave prints to the publication of an image in which she appears with bruises on her face and arm.

“He wanted to die, kill myself. I cried every day. I was afraid for my life. He said things like, ‘I hope you die, you should have died yesterday, but not in my room. If you want to die, you can take insulin and going to die on the street because I don’t want problems. I don’t want to deal with you anymore,'” he added.

In October of last year, when the first accusations surfaced, the ATP declared, through a statement, that it “condemns any form of violence or abuse”.

In addition to the physical aggressions, Sharypova stated that she suffered emotional blackmail and psychological controls during her relationship with the German.

“A lot of girls in this situation are silent. They don’t talk about it because they’re afraid of comments that it’s not true and things like that. I just wanted to show that it’s not hard to talk about it. It’s happened in real life, you’ve lived. he knows he’s been telling the truth, he knows he’s not a bad person and he didn’t deserve it,” he concluded.

Alexander Zverev has yet to officially speak out on the new charges. He is currently preparing for the US Open dispute.