Felippe Facincani revolts after appearing “naked” for ESPN failure and speaks out

Felippe Facincani was outraged after insinuations that he appeared naked on TV because of ESPN's failure (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Felippe Facincani was outraged after insinuations that he appeared naked on TV because of ESPN’s failure (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Commentator of ESPN Brazil, Felipe Facincani manifested after allegedly appearing naked after a technical failure of the station on Wednesday (25). He denied that he was naked and said that people are mean.

During a broadcast on the Disney Group’s sports channel, an image was leaked in a technical glitch. Working at home office, Facincani showed up shirtless at his house (check out the scene at the end of this post).

Felippe Facincani explains himself by leaked image

Soon the video went viral on social networks and internet users said that the ESPN commentator would be naked. Annoyed, he spoke out on his Instagram profile and said he was just shirtless during an audio test, moments before it went on air.

“Clarifying the controversy! To those who come up with lying situations and headlines, I’m sorry to inform you, but as far as I know, I was just ‘shirtless’, in the kitchen at home, with the window closed to avoid light mosquitoes, finishing dinner before the broadcast of Boca Jrs x Platense, by the Argentine Championship, properly dressed in shorts and flip flops, and just sat for a few seconds to check the audio, 40 minutes before going on air, and our image was cut short!, clarified Facincani in the post.

“It happens, home office, folks! Stay calm! I wasn’t naked, much less came out of the shower, in a towel [risos]. And yes, I was having dinner in the kitchen, as you can see! Oh, did you see? What a desperation for an audience! Hugs!”, he completed in the publication.

ESPN commentator denies he was naked

In the video posted on the social network, Felippe Facincani was disgusted with the insinuations that he was naked. He then detailed how it all happened at that moment.

“Now properly dressed, the staff saw the situation that happened. And just to explain to the meanest, who try to invent situations where they don’t exist. I wasn’t naked, naked. I hadn’t come out of the bath at all”, he stated.

“I was here in my house’s kitchen, finishing eating, which is even in the same space as my office, my window was closed because of the heat and I was shirtless and with this shorts here you are seeing [mostra com a mão]”, showed the ESPN commentator.

“I was normal, so they called me to test the audio. My shirt was on the side because if I put it on a little earlier I could sweat and then when I went for air it would be wet unnecessarily”, he explained.

“Then I would be in a condition that would not be nice. As my shirt was here on the side of the chair, I just went over the audio real quick and it ended up leaking with me shirtless, but in shorts. I wasn’t naked. Mean, shot Felippe Facincani.

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