Find out how much Pyong Lee paid to ‘cure’ his infidelity

After denying that they would be together, Sammy Lee and Pyong Lee decided to disconnect from the world and spend six days at a religious retreat frequented by celebrities. The goal of little Jake’s parents is to strengthen their spirituality, heal from the “mistakes of the past” and get back together as a couple. And their efforts did not come cheap.

Sammy decided to separate from Pyong after Record released the first teasers of Ilha Record, where the hypnologist appeared under the quilt with Antonela Avellaneda.

The column found that to participate in the six-day retreat, which started on Tuesday (24), they had to invest R$5.5 thousand together. The price includes accommodation, food and materials used throughout the program. Transport costs they had to pay separately.


The information about Sammy and Pyong’s visit to Estância Paraíso – Ministry of Restoring Lives, located in Sabará, Minas Gerais, was published first-hand by journalist Erlan Bastos.

The program chosen by Pyong and Sammy is called Renovo, and it aims to bless Christians in need of personal restoration and spiritual renewal.

Over the days, they attend lectures, go through individual sessions with pastors and workers and even have psychological assistance.

To the column, Sammy’s staff confirmed that the two went to the same retreat, but are not sleeping in the same room.

“In search of rebuilding his relationship with Christ, Sammy traveled to a spiritual retreat in Minas Gerais. Her ex-husband, Pyong Lee, is present at the venue, but they both arrived separately, are staying in different rooms and fulfilling different programming schedules”, informed the digital influencer’s team.