Find out which famous is the big winner of “The Masked Singer Brasil”

O “The Masked Singer Brazil” has already had three episodes taken since its debut on the last day (10) on Globo. Hosted by Ivete Sangalo, the famous masked musical reality show will feature four characters in its grand finale. The prize for the winner of the first season is R$150,000.

Globo gathered the entire cast of the attraction in studios located in São Paulo, and recorded the grand final on the day (19). According to columnist André Romano, from Observatório da TV, Gata Prateada, Jacaré, Arara and Unicórnio were the finalists of the program that has Camilla de Lucas as co-host.

The final episode featured several musical performances by the finalists, but according to the publication who won was the singer Priscilla Alcantara, who wore the Unicorn costume. As a matter of fact, in the most recent program, the artist opened the night of presentations after gaining immunity in her debut.

To everyone’s surprise, behind the Silver Cat costume was actress Jessica Ellen. The famous one was recently on the air in the soap opera “Amor de Mãe” as public school teacher Camila, adopted daughter of Dona Lurdes, character of the protagonist played by veteran Regina Casé.

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Commented for her resourcefulness on stage, actress Cris Vianna surprised the famous panel of judges formed by Taís Araújo, Rodrigo Lombardi, Simone Mendes and Eduardo Sterbitch by revealing herself as the character Arara, according to the publication. Behind Jacaré’s costume was the singer Mart’nália.

About to air its fourth episode, “The Masked Singer Brasil” will come to an end on October 5th, a Tuesday. On Globo, it is said that the musical reality show should have a second season on the network’s schedule in 2022, with its airing after the nine o’clock soap opera, the network’s main product.

“The Masked Singer Brasil” has 12 famous masked people in its cast. In the first show, the hot dog (Sidney Magal) was eliminated. In the second, the brigadier (Renata Ceribelli) left the game. The last one eliminated was the former soccer player Marcelinho Carioca, who wore the coconut costume.

The musical competition led by singer Ivete Sangalo also features the characters Boi-Bumbá, Girassol, Astronauta, Monstro and Onça Pintada. Throughout the reality show, they will go through duels and will be voted on by the audience. In addition, jurors and guests will risk guessing at their identities.

Priscilla Alcântara is now a pop singer (Reproduction: Imirante)

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