Fluminense terminates Kayky’s contract and advances the young man’s move to Manchester City

In the final stretch of the season after a crash at the Libertadores, Fluminense announced that it had moved forward by three months the departure of young striker Kayky to Manchester City. The athlete’s sale was already public knowledge, but he would stay until the end of the year at the Tricolor. However, the cariocas informed that they agreed to terminate the athlete’s contract and release him to England.

The player goes earlier than planned to the country to start his development and adaptation in Manchester. His contract termination with the Rio de Janeiro club was published in the CBF’s Daily Newsletter (BID) on the afternoon of Thursday (26), and was then communicated by Fluminense’s office. Look:

Due to the excellent relationship between Fluminense and Manchester City, striker Kayky had his contract terminated early for the beginning of the athlete’s development in England. As Tricolor maintains a percentage on the player’s future sale and bonus rights to be achieved by the athlete when he is an English club, the two parties opted to anticipate Kayky’s departure by three months”, said the club.

The amount paid for the sale of the athlete was R$ 66.5 million, in addition to other bonuses and percentage in future sales, which made it easier for the club to look favorably on the agreement with the English to advance Kayky’s trip abroad.